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The Health Gauge app pairs with our wearables and smart scale to provide personalized health analytics and guidance – made available with popular health coach services.

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Phoenix Smart Watch


Keep your heart strong with the Phoenix smartwatch, the only wearable that can show how your lifestyle habits directly impact your health readings. The Phoenix is the world’s most insightful health smartwatch –includes health monitoring (blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, activity, stress, and more) and the free iPhone or Android app.


Now Available in Canada
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Why is it smart?

It’s powered by artificial intelligence to analyze your health information with higher accuracy than other trackers.

What can it measure?

Blood pressure, ECG, PPG, O2, heart rate, and more.

How is it different from other trackers?

It helps you understand how your diet, exercise, stress, medication, and lifestyle are impacting your health.

Additional features:

4-7 Days Battery Life

Water Resistant*

Display for time, reminders & alerts, incoming calls, and texts.

*Do not submerse underwater. The Phoenix is not meant for use in the shower, bathtub, or pool.
Includes the free iPhone or Android app.

Now Available in Canada

Currently shipping to Canada only.

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