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The Health Gauge app pairs with our wearables and smart scale to provide personalized health analytics and guidance – made available with popular health coach services.

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Health Gauge Genesis

Health Gauge Genesis

Price: $150

Reach your health goals with Health Gauge Genesis, the world’s most insightful health solution – includes health monitoring (blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, activity, stress, and more) and the free iPhone or Android app.

Health Gauge Genesis – Box of 10

Price: $1,350  $1,500

Includes 10 Health Gauge Genesis wearables per box and the free iPhone or Android app.
Great for: Researchers, small businesses (employee wellness programs), patient groups and health groups.

Health Gauge Genesis – Box of 25

Price: $3000 $3750

Includes 25 Health Gauge Genesis wearables per box and the free iPhone or Android app.
Great for: Researchers, medium to large businesses (employee wellness programs), long-term care organizations and health organizations.

Manage Your Conditions

Irregular Reading Alerts *COMING SOON*

Medication Reminders

Appointment Reminders

eConsults *COMING SOON*

Individual Care Plan *COMING SOON*

Health Reference Reports *COMING SOON*

Track Your Vital Signs

Blood Pressure (BP)

Heart Rate (HR)

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Electrocardiogram (ECG)  

Photoplethysmogram (PPG)

Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

Understand Your Health

Tag Your Activities

Activity Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Stress Monitoring

Calorie Burn Tracking

Calorie Consumption Tracking *COMING SOON*

Heart Rate Zones *COMING SOON*

Health Graphs & Reports

Tailored Health Insights *COMING SOON*

Connect to Your Care Team

Health Coach

Real Health Experts

Set Health Goals

Get Personalized Guidance

Smartphone Notifications

Health Plans

Lite Health

Lite Health provides you with the tools to begin your personal health journey. Includes health tracking, alerts if your health metrics signal a problem, notifications & reminders, and goal setting.

Available for Apple and Android devices.

Pro Health

Provides you with all the tools to reach your health goals. Includes additional health coaching and support for nutrition, physical activity, sleep and mental health.

All the Lite features plus:

  • Meal plans
  • Workouts & Stretching Exercises
  • Calming & Meditation Exercises
  • Activity Tagging
  • Personal Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Insight

Available for Apple and Android devices. $5/month
Annual discount: $50/year

Total Health + Care

Created to help individuals monitor and manage chronic health conditions, with their care team, and from the comfort of home.

All the Pro Health features plus

  • Connect to your care team
  • Secure messaging to physicians
  • Secure eConsults / videocalls
  • Send health reports

Available for Apple and Android devices. $10/month
Annual discount: $100/year

Health Gauge Genesis + Body Harmony

Full Health Bundle
Discover where your health is really at with this bundle deal – includes the Health Gauge Genesis
wearable, plus the Body Harmony Smart Scale. It syncs with the free Health Gauge app so you can set
health goals and view trends over time.

Body Harmony
Body Harmony is a smart scale that tracks your weight, BMI, body age, body composition (including
muscle and fat composition), and more.

Now Available in Canada
Currently shipping to Canada only. Please feel free to provide your contact information and we will let you know when it is available for shipping
to your country.


Bundle Deal: $200

Body Harmony Features 
Smart BMI Weigh Scale 
Four High-Precision Sensors 
Body Composition Metrics 
Smart Analysis 
Precision Bluetooth 
Surface of Tempered Safety Glass